Bulletin for Dec. 27, 2020 – Memory of David, Joseph and James

O Holy Apostle Philip,  

Intercede with the merciful God  

That He may grant our souls forgiveness of sins.  


Christ is born! Glorify Him! + Christos razdajetsja! Slavite Jeho!   

4B4A3980-4B53-4FD1-BC8E-3BC0F3500363From the Fathers of the Church …  

St. John Chrysostom  

Even as He came in swaddling clothes we see a tyrant raging, a flight ensuing and a departure beyond the border. For it was because of no crime that his family was exiled into the land of Egypt. So do not be troubled if you are suffering countless dangers. Do not expect to be celebrated or crowned promptly for your troubles. Instead you may keep in mind the long-suffering example of the mother of the Child, bearing all things nobly, knowing that such a fugitive life is consistent with the ordering of spiritual things. You are sharing the kind of labor Mary herself shared. So did the Magi. They both were willing to retire secretly in the humiliating role of fugitive.

… There is something else here worth noticing, one touching the magi and the other touching the Child. The issue is why didn’t the magi remain with the Child? And why didn’t the Child remain in Bethlehem? Both had to escape as fugitives shortly after they were received with joy: the magi to Persia and the holy family to Egypt. Why? This is worthy of close examination. The magnificence of God’s plan of salvation would not have been believed if he had not come in the flesh. If Jesus had fallen into the hands of Herod, his life in the flesh might have been cut off. Many circumstances were quietly ordered providentially within human history. Even while the flesh of the Christ child was in danger, some dared to imagine that he never assumed our common human flesh, that his coming was like that of a ghost. These impious ideas will ultimately destroy those who do not confess that God has come to us in the flesh in a way becoming to his deity.

As to the wise men, they were sent off quickly, commissioned to teach in the land of the Persians, having thwarted the madness of the king. Herod was allowed the opportunity to learn that he was attempting things impossible, against prophecy, and that there was still time to quench his wrath and desist from his demented plot. It is fitting to God’s power not only to subdue his enemies but to do so with ease, deceiving the deceivers in a way fitting to God’s almighty power. In the same way the Egyptians had earlier been deceived, their wealth transferred secretly and with craft and God’s power made awesome to them.


  • Dear Parishioners and Friends, during our gatherings, please follow all health and safety precautions issued by civil authorities. Use the space to allow distance between households, follow proper way of receiving Holy Communion. Per parish guidelines, consider your and others’ safety when coming to church, if you feel sick, you can choose to follow Sunday liturgy online, or pray the Typika. When in doubt, consult your decision with your pastor/confessor. Dispensation from Sunday attendance given by Bishop John for the faithful of our Eparchy is in effect at this time. Please know that you and your intentions are remembered on the altar at St. Philip’s. For confession and other needs, please contact Fr. Francis directly and make an appointment.
  • Tithes and Donations. Last Sunday, We received donations in tithes $; donations $, candles $, Building Fund $, Bake Sale $, Retired Religious Collection $. Thank you for your generosity, may God bless you always.
  • Greek Catholic Union (GCU) has granted our parish $ as part of their covid relief action to help parishes. Many thanks to GCU, may God bless their work and donors for many years.
  • Prayer requests. Fr. Michael, Fr. Marcus, Fr. Chris, Fr. Randall, Fr. Michal, Sr. Patricia, Margaret, Gary and Ingrid, Margaret, Slawomir and Oceana, Becky, Alexis, Marion, Curtis, Ronald, Jeannine, Taylor, Lorrie, Frances, Alex, Leroy, Michael, Thomas, Carol, Michael, Jennifer, John, Elizabeth, Judy, Ruth, Dimitri, Christie, Viktoria, Sandra.
  • Christmas rolls “to go” are available for purchase after liturgies on Sunday. We have 4 apricot rolls, 2 walnut rolls, a chocolate walnut roll and a plum lekvar roll. They are $17 and the proceeds support St Philip’s. The table set up in the hall downstairs, for service call on Amy or Darlene. Be sure and keep 6 feet apart from others and wear a mask when you pick up. Cash or check preferred.Liturgical schedule  

    Until further notice, social distancing and health safety provisions issued by local government are in place. When at St. Philip’s follow the guidelines issued on May 31.  

Thu Dec 31st 4 PM Akathist.


Jan 1st   9:30 AM Divine Liturgy of St. Basil.   Circumcision of Our Lord. Solemn Feast. St. Basil the Great.  


Jan 3rd   No liturgy at St Philip’s. Link for Typika: https://mci.archpitt.org/sheetmusic/2021/Typika_Jan_3_2021.pdf Sunday before Theophany. (31) Tone 6.  

For Confession, please call Fr. Francis for an appointment.

This week we observe fast-free Friday, in celebration of the Circumcision of Our Lord.

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