Bulletin for Sep. 13, 2020

O Holy Apostle Philip,  

Intercede with the merciful God  

That He may grant our souls forgiveness of sins.  


Glory to Jesus Christ! Glory to Him forever! + Slava Isusu Christu! Slava i vo viki!   

From the Fathers of the Church…  

St. Ambrose of Milan  

It was good that the Lord ordained that, by the lifting up of the brazen serpent, the wounds of those who were bitten should be healed; for the brazen serpent is a type of the cross…. In the same way, the world was crucified in its allurements. Therefore not a real but a brazen serpent was hung. This is so because the Lord took on himself the likeness of a sinner in his body but, in actuality, was without sin. In this way, he imitated a serpent through the deceitful appearance of human weakness, so that when he laid aside the slough of the flesh, he might destroy the cunning of the true serpent.  

St. Cyril of Alexandria  

This story is a type of the whole mystery of the incarnation. For the serpent signifies bitter and deadly sin, which was devouring the whole race on the earth … biting the soul of man and infusing it with the venom of wickedness. And there is no way that we could have escaped being conquered by it, except by the relief that comes only from heaven. The Word of God then was made in the likeness of sinful flesh, “that he might condemn sin in the flesh,” as it is written. In this way, he becomes the Giver of unending salvation to those who comprehend the divine doctrines and gaze on him with steadfast faith. But the serpent, being fixed upon a lofty base, signifies that Christ was clearly manifested by his passion on the cross, so that none could fail to see him.  

St. Justin the Martyr  

It seems that the type and sign that was erected to counteract the serpents that bit Israel was intended for the salvation of those who believe that death was declared to come thereafter on the serpent through him who would be crucified. But salvation was to come to those who had been bitten by him and had committed themselves to him who sent his Son into the world to be crucified. For the Spirit of prophecy by Moses did not teach us to believe in the serpent, since it shows us that he was cursed by God from the beginning. And in Isaiah he tells us that he shall be put to death as an enemy by the mighty sword, which is Christ.  

…By this [lifting up of the serpent], he proclaimed the mystery where he declared that he would break the power of the serpent, which occasioned the transgression of Adam. He [would bring] salvation to those who believe on him because of this sign (i.e., his crucifixion)—salvation from the fangs of the serpent, which are wicked deeds, idolatries and other unrighteous acts…. Just as God commanded the sign to be made by the brazen serpent—and yet he is blameless—even so, though a curse lies in the law against persons who are crucified, yet no curse lies on the Christ of God, by whom all that have committed things worthy of a curse are saved.  


  • Dear Parishioners and Friends, during our gatherings, please follow all health and safety precautions issued by civil authorities. Use the space to allow distance between households, follow proper way of receiving Holy Communion. Per parish guidelines, consider your and others’ safety when coming to church, if you feel sick, you can choose to follow Sunday liturgy online, or pray the Typika. When in doubt, consult your decision with your pastor/confessor. During this time, Bishop John granted dispensation to the faithful from attending Sunday services. Please know that you and your intentions are remembered on the altar at St. Philip’s. For confession and other needs, please contact Fr. Francis directly and make an appointment.  
  • Last Sunday, 42+19 souls came to pray at St. Philip’s. We received donations in tithes $; donations $, Building Fund $, candles $. Thank you for your generosity, may God bless you always.  
  • If you cannot come to church for safety, health or other reasons, sanctify your Sunday at home. Join live streaming services (http://liveliturgy.com/) or  pray the Typika service. Put on your Sunday clothes, silence your phone, set up your computer in your prayer corner, light a candle, open your prayer book, and join the praying church. Pray a prayer of spiritual communion. May the Lord visit you with many graces.  
  • Prayer requests. Fr. Michael, Fr. Mel, Fr. Marcus, Fr. Chris, Fr. Randall, Fr. Michal, Dcn. David, Sr. Patricia, Gary and Ingrid, Margaret and Don, Margaret, Slawomir and Oceana, Becky, Alexis, Marion, Curtis, Ronald, Jeannine, Taylor, Lorrie, Frances, Alex, Leroy, Michael, Thomas, Carol, Michael, Jennifer, John, Elizabeth, Judy, Ruth.  
  • Church in the Holy Land Collection will be taken on September 14, the feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross. This year, the Congregation for the Eastern Church would like to direct the collection to support the Christian community in Lebanon who suffer from the aftermath of the explosion in Beirut. Thank you for your generosity. Please mark your donation as “Church in the Holy Land.”  
  • Emergency Disaster Relief Collection. The American bishops of the Catholic Church have asked parishes to take up an optional collection to assist those suffering because of the wildfires, Hurricane Laura, and other recent disasters. If you decide to support this effort, please identify the donation as “Disaster Relief”. The donations will support Catholic Charities USA and Catholic Relief Services. Thank you for your generosity!  
  • What is “Atrium?” Also called “Catechesis of Good Shepherd,” Atrium uses Maria Montessori age appropriate hands-on approach to catechizing children. At. St. Philip’s, we have a classroom set up for the little ones to touch, see and explore what they see and hear at church. If you would like to join us with your little student or to help with other little students, ask Fr. Francis for more information. Classes will resume when the quarantine ends. 

    Liturgical schedule  

    Until further notice, social distancing and health safety provisions issued by local government are in place. When at St. Philip’s follow the guidelines issued on May 31.  
Mon  Sep 14th  5:30 PM Divine Liturgy. (at St. Philip’s)  Exaltation of the Holy and Life-giving Cross of our Lord. Solemn Feast.  
Thu   Sep 17th  3 PM Akathist  
Sun  Sep 20th  8:30 AM Confessions  9 AM Divine Liturgy. (at St. Philip’s )  10:30 AM Divine Liturgy. (at St. Philip’s) Sunday after Exaltation of the Holy Cross. Tone 7.  

For Confession, please call Fr. Francis for an appointment.  

Fridays in general are days of fasting and penance, we observe abstinence from meat foods. Let us remember one another as we offer our sacrifices to God.  

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