Bulletin for May 3, 2020 – Sunday of the Paralytic

O Holy Apostle Philip,

Intercede with the merciful God

That he may grant our souls forgiveness of sins.

*** *** *** *** 

Christ is Risen! Indeed He is Risen! + Christos Voskres! Voistinu Voskres!  

From the Desert Fathers…

6185883B-FBE7-41CC-991C-5BC52EBAB209St. Chromatius of Aquileia

That water [at the pool of Bethesda] was moved once a year; this water of the church’s baptism is always ready to be moved. That water was moved only in one place; this water is moved throughout the entire world. Then an angel descended; now it is the Holy Spirit. Then it was the grace of the angel; now it is the mystery of the Trinity, That water cured only once in a year; this water saves people every day. That water healed the body; this water heals both body and soul. That wafer healed a person’s health; this heals from sin. There, the body was only healed of its infirmities; here, body and soul are freed from sin. There, many who were weary lay sick at that water because it only cured one person a year. No one will be left lying sick here where the waters of baptism are, if they resolve to come and be healed.

St. Cyril of Alexandria

There is clear evidence of the great goodness of Christ in that he does not wait for entreaties from the sick but anticipates their request with his own loving kindness. See how he runs to the one who is lying down and how compassionate he is to one who was sick with no one to comfort him. But the inquiry as to whether he would like to be relieved from his infirmity was not that of one asking out of ignorance what was obvious, but of one stir-ring up an increased desire and diligent entreaty. The question as to whether he wanted to obtain what he longed for is huge. It has the kind of force and expression that conveys that Jesus has the power to give and is now ready to do so, only waiting for the request of the one who will receive this grace.


  • Dear Parishioners and Friends, as the situation with corona pandemic continues, the guidelines by the bishops have ended this past week. We are now asked to create our own guidelines that will comply with the local government policies. Our weekday liturgies have low attendance, when you come, please follow social distancing (6 ft) protocol, and proper hygiene. Stay tuned for Sunday liturgies guideline later this week. All individual who feel sick or show other symptoms, should stay at home, dispensation from Sundayand holy days attendance continues. I will remember all of you and your intentions when I pray Divine Liturgy. If you have any need or are available to help others in some way, please let me know. Stay safe and healthy, wash your hands, take walks.
  • Last week, St. Philip’s Parish received donations: tithes $; donations $; building fund $. We also received $ into our building fund from Walter Gerlach’s trust. Thank you for your generosity, may God bless you always.
  • Live streaming of liturgical services. You can find multiple churches streaming at various times of day at http://liveliturgy.com/ Put on your Sunday clothes, silence your phone, set up your computer in your prayer corner, light a candle, open your prayer book, and join the praying church. Pray a prayer of spiritual communion. May the Lord visit you with many graces.
  • Today is vocations awareness Sunday. Pray for priestly and religious vocations for our church, pray for your own vocation in life, encourage individuals to discern God’s call in their life. May our Lord and God send new workers to his abundant harvest.
  • Next Sunday is Mothers’ Day, we pray God’s blessing upon all our mothers, godmothers, grandmothers. Happy feast day!
  • Prayer requests. Fr. Michael, Fr. Mel, Fr. Marcus, Fr. Chris, Fr. Randall, Fr. Michal, Sr. Patricia, Br. Gideon, Gary and Ingrid, Margaret and Don, Margaret, Slawomir and Oceana, Becky, Alexis, Marion, Curtis, Ronald, Jeannine, Taylor, Lorrie, Frances, Alex, Leroy, Michael, Adam, Thomas, Ellen, Ernestina, Carol, Nash, Michael, Jennifer, John, Jeffrey.
  • Eparchial Appeal 2020 is upon us. The goal of the Appeal is for every household to contribute. Our Parish goal is $, to this day, 5 households participated, giving total of $. We have received a single donation of $. Even though we have now reached our parish goal, please support the Appeal, give what you can. Let’s aim for 100% participation. You can pick up the envelope with information and pledge form at the narthex of the church. Please send you pledge cards and donations directly to the Eparchy of Phoenix.
  • Liturgical schedule Until further notice, social distancing and health safety provisions issued by local government are in place. All faithful of Our Eparchy are dispensed from attending liturgical services.
Wed May 6th


3 PM Divine Liturgy. Mid-Pentecost.


May 10th 9:30 AM Divine Liturgy. Sunday of the Samaritan Woman. Mothers’ Day.

For Confession, please call Fr. Francis for an appointment.

Fridays in general are days of penance and fasting, we observe abstinence from meat foods. Let us remember one another as we offer our sacrifices to God.

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