Bulletin for Oct. 13, 2019

O Holy Apostle Philip,

Intercede with the merciful God

That he may grant our souls forgiveness of sins.


Glory to Jesus Christ! Glory for ever! + Slava Isusu Christu! Slava i vo viki!  

From the Desert Fathers …

E70ABEA4-094E-4C85-A361-1ECD3DB105DDA brother said to an old man, ‘See, Abba, I frequently ask the Fathers to give me an earnest reminder for the salvation of my soul, and I do not remember a thing of what they tell me.’ Now the old man had two empty vessels, and he said to the brother, ‘Go, bring one of the vessels and pour water in it: rinse it, pour it out, and put it back in its place, all shiny.’ The brother did this several times, and the old man said to him, ‘Of the two vessels, which one is cleaner?’ The brother answered, ‘The one I put water in and cleaned.’ Then the old man said to him, ‘son, thus it is with the soul that frequently hears the word of God; though the soul remembers nothing of what she asked, she is nonetheless cleansed more than the soul that did not inquire. …

… Abba Pimen said: The nature of water is soft, that of stone is hard; but if a bottle is hung above the stone, allowing the water to fall drop by drop, it wears away the stone. So it is with the word of God; it is soft and our hearts are hard, but those who hear the word of God often, open their hearts to revere the Lord.


  • Last Sunday, 55 souls came to pray at St. Philip’s, our tithes to the Lord were $, candles $, donations $, air conditioner $. Thank you for supporting our church, may God bless you abundantly for your generosity.
  • Please consider making St. Philip’s parish a part of your estate planning.
  • Prayer requests. Fr. Mel, Fr. Marcus, Fr. Chris, Fr. Randall, Fr. Peter, Fr. Michal, Sr. Patricia, Br. Gideon, Gary and Ingrid, Margaret and Don, Margaret, Oceana, Becky, Alexis, Marion, Curtis, Ronald, Jeannine, Taylor, Lorrie, Frances, Alex, Leroy, Michael, Adam, Thomas, Ellen, Ernestina, Carol, Nash.
  • Hospitality signup sheet:Oct 13 – bagels, Oct 20Prescott family, Oct 27Del Castillo family, Nov 3open. Please sign up for hospitality for the upcoming Sundays; the signup sheet is in the parish hall. Thank you to Darlene Janson for providing hospitality for us last Sunday.
  • Christmas in Eastern Europe Festival is on November 9, here at St. Philip’s. Please join us for a day of fellowship and good food, invite family and friends. If you can volunteer for our festival, please let Fr. Francis know.
  • Clergy Medical Insurance Collection on Sunday, October 13, 2019. This Eparchial special collection helps subsidize the health insurance premiums for our pastors. God bless your continued support and generosity!
  • Check out our resurrected gift shop, it is beautiful! You can buy booklets, cards, small gifts and more. Proceeds from sales go towards new inventory and to our parish. If you have ideas about what items you would like to see in our gift shop, let Fr. Francis know.
  • Air conditioner at church will be replaced soon. We are one step closer, now looking for a contractor to complete this project. We have some funds allocated for this project, now you have an opportunity to participate. When you make a donation, please mark it “air conditioner,” we will direct it to our building fund and use it to finance this important project. Thank you for your generosity.
  • 2019 ONLINE EDUCATIONAL OFFERINGS – All courses are offered as live webinars, free of charge. Register at:  www.EasternCatholic.org/events

    Making Disciples – by Fr. Alexander Wroblicky; The art of bringing others to Christ, Wednesdays, October 9, 16 & 23 @5:00-6:00 pm PST

    Unlocking the Mystery – by Joshua Mangels; An introduction to Eastern Christian Bible Study, Wednesdays, November 6 & 13 @ 5:00-6:00 pm PST

    The Gift of God – by Rev. David Anderson; Preparing for the Feast of the Nativity, Wednesday, December 16 @5:00-6:00 pm PST

    Baptized into Christ The Mystery of Initiation & Identity of the People of God – by Rev. Sebastian Carnazzo, Wednesdays, January 8, 15, & 22 @5:00-6:00 pm PST

    Liturgical schedule



Oct 15th 7:00 AM Divine Liturgy.  


Oct 16th 5:30 PM Akathist to the Holy Mother of God.  


Oct 20th 8:30 AM Confessions.

9:10 AM Office of the 3rd Hour

9:30 AM Divine Liturgy.


19th Sunday after Pentecost. Tone 2. Cantor: Tim Del Castillo. Reader: Tim Belke.

For Confession, please come half an hour before the scheduled services, or schedule an appointment. Fridays in general are days of penance and fasting, we observe simple abstinence from meat foods. Let us remember one another as we offer of prayers and sacrifices to God.

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