April 7, 2017

Slava Isusu Christu! Slava i vo viki! + Glory to Jesus Christ! Glory forever!

From the Fathers of the Church…
St. John Chrysostom
He erased the curse, he triumphed over death, he opened paradise. He struck down sin, he opened wide the vaults of the sky, he lifted our first fruits to heaven, he filled the whole world with godliness. He drove out error, he led back the truth, he made our firstfruits mount to the royal throne. He accomplished so many good deeds that neither I nor all humanity together could set them before your minds in words. Before he humbled himself, only the angels knew him. After he humbled himself, all human nature knew him. You see how his humbling of himself did not make him have less bur produced countless benefits, countless deeds of virtue, and made his glory shine forth with greater brightness. God wants for nothing and has need of nothing. Yet, when he humbled himself, he produced such great good, increased his household, and extended his kingdom. Why, then, are you afraid that you will become less if you humble yourself?
· Last Sunday, 65 souls came to pray at St. Philip’s, our tithes to the Lord were $___, candles $__, Bishop’s Appeal $____. Thank you for supporting our church, may God bless you abundantly for your generosity. Please consider making St. Philip’s parish a part of your estate planning.

· Prayer requests. Fr. Jozef, Fr. Randall, Fr. Martin, Fr. Ted, Fr. Brendan, Sr. Patricia, Oceana, Gary and Ingrid, Margaret and Don, Walter, Adam, Margaret, Becky, Alexis, Marion, Rachel, Curtis, Ronald, Taylor, Margaret, Mary, Lorrie, Cantor Gene, Jonathan, Camden, Rosa.

· Hospitality sign-up sheet: Apr 9 – open (leftovers?), Apr 16 – Pascha potluck. Please sign up for hospitality for the upcoming Sundays; the signup sheet is in the parish hall. Thank you to Wroblicky family for providing hospitality for us last Sunday.

· Annual “Fish-Fry and Pirohy Dinner” is on April 8th this year. The dinner is served 4:30-7:30PM, take out available. Buy tickets at the door, $10 adult, $5 child, $40 family. We would love to see you all at our dinner, please bring a friend.

· Bishop’s Appeal 2017. This year, the goal for our parish is $____ ($___ per household), the deadline for the Appeal is May 31st. Please send your pledges to the parish office today! Up to date we have received 7 pledges and $_____in contributions.

· Fish-Fry and Pirohy Dinner. Thank you to the pirohy crew for their hard work yesterday. We are in need of volunteers to serve the dinner. Please contact Ted Janson if you can help.

· Great and Holy Fast, also called 4o-day Fast, ends this Friday. However, this is not the end of our fasting. We relax a little on Lazarus Saturday and Palm Sunday, and then enter into the celebration of the Holy Week, which is entirely penitential. Great and Holy Friday is a day of strict fast – all faithful of our Eparchy are obliged to keep that fast. Put all those cheese, meat, egg goodies into your basket to be blessed on Pascha. Reminder: have sufficient amount of food blessed for your festive meal, but make sure it’s only as much as you can consume before it goes bad.

· Holy Week services. On Wednesday, we celebrate Liturgy of the Presanctified gifts and Holy Anointing (of the sick) (at 6PM), please let father know beforehand if you would like to be anointed. Holy Thursday is an important celebration – we celebrate the institution of the Holy Eucharist at the Last Supper (at 6PM). Holy Friday is Our Lord’s burial, we pray Vespers and process with burial shroud around the church (at 6PM). Saturday has beautiful Matins at the tomb of Jesus (at 8AM). On Pascha, we begin with Matins of the Resurrection at 9 AM, followed by Divine Liturgy and blessing of foods.

· Alive in Christ – ascetical boot camp for boys and men will take place in Prescott, AZ this year, July 6th – 9th. Application deadline is May 12th. For more information, see the flyer in the entry way.

Liturgical schedule

Apr 5th
6 PM Liturgy of the Presanctified Gifts.

Apr 8th
9 AM Divine Liturgy.
Lazarus Saturday.

Apr 9th
8:30 AM Confessions.
9 AM Prayers
9:30 AM Divine Liturgy.
Palm Sunday. Tone 6.

For Confession, please come half an hour before the scheduled services, or schedule an appointment. Wednesdays and Fridays of Great Fast are days of simple abstinence from meat foods, however, we are encouraged to follow a stricter fasting rule (traditionally, no meat, dairy, oil, fish, wine during Great Fast, some exceptions are in place for special days). Let us remember one another as we offer our prayers and sacrifices to the Lord.

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