Bulletin for August 2, 2015

St. Philip the Apostle Byzantine Catholic Church

3866 65th street

Sacramento, CA 95820

Phone: (916) 452-1888 E-mail: feromurin@hotmail.com

http://www.stphilipofsacramento.com Mobile: (916) 539-1534

O Holy Apostle Philip,

Intercede with the merciful God

That he may grant our souls forgiveness of sins.

Slava Isusu Christu! Slava i vo viki! + Glory to Jesus Christ! Glory for ever!

From the Fathers of the Church …

St. John Chrysostom

“How long am I to bear with you?” Note this man’s lack of sense in another instance: in full view of the crowd he pleads to Jesus against his disciples, saying, “I brought him to your disciples, and they could not cure him.” But Jesus dismissed these complaints before the people and blamed him the more, saying, “O faithless and perverse generation, how long am I to be with you?” He is not addressing this person alone, so as not to upset him, but he is addressing all the Jews. For it is likely that many had been offended and thought ill of the disciples.

But when he says, “How long am I to be with you?” he shows how welcome death is to him and his desire of passing on from here. He longs for his departure. It is being with them, and not so much the crucifixion, that is grievous.

He did not put up with their complaints, but what does he say? “Bring him here to me.” And he himself further asks him, “How long has this been this way?” He is thereby both defending the disciples and leading the man to a better hope, that he should believe that there will be an end to his troubles. And Jesus lets him be convulsed, not for display (for when the crowd gathered he rebuked the demon) but for the father’s sake, that when he saw the demon being put to flight at Christ’s mere call, so at least, if in no other way, he might be led to believe the coming miracle.


· Last Sunday, 71 souls came to pray at St. Philip’s, out tithes to the Lord were $___, donations $___, candles $__. Thank you for supporting our church, may God bless you abundantly for your generosity.

· Fireworks fundraiser. Thank you to all of you who participated in this year’s Fireworks sale. There is a lot of sacrifice involved in this one, especially because of the hot weather. But your hard work benefited our parish close to $____, which made it the most successful fundraiser for us in years. Thank you for your hard work, may God grant you many years.

· Prayer requests. Fr. Randall, Fr. Martin, Fr. Ted, Fr. Brendan, Oceana, Gary and Ingrid, Tom, Margaret and Don, Walter, Margaret, Becky, Alexis, Agatha, Michael, Curtis, Joseph, Theresa, Emily, Ronald, Janet, Michael, George, Adam, Joanne and Bob, Taylor.

· Hospitality sign-up sheet: Aug 9 – Janson family, Aug 16 – open, Aug 23 – open, Aug 30 – open. Please sign up for hospitality for the upcoming Sundays; the list is in the parish hall. Thank you to all who provided “welcome home” cake and food for us last Sunday. May God bless you for your generosity.

· Dormition Fast. This is the last fasting period of our liturgical year which ends on August 31st. The fast begins on August 1st – the day of procession with the Precious and Life-giving Cross of our Lord, and ends on the Eve of Dormition of the Holy Mother of God, August 14th.

· Blessing of First-Fruits on the Feast of Transfiguration. Please bring a basket of fruit to be blessed after the liturgy. Traditionally, grapes and local first-fruits were blessed, but your basket can contain any fruit you eat these days, bring only as much as you will eat before it gets spoiled.

· Annual Pilgrimage to Our Lady of Perpetual Help Shrine in Olympia, WA is held on Aug 7-9th this year. The program at the Shrine begins on Friday at 4 PM, the pilgrimage concludes with hierarchical Divine Liturgy on Sunday at 10:30, our bishop Gerald is the main celebrant. For more details, visit http://www.olphshrine.com/schedule.shtml.

Liturgical schedule


Aug 5th

6:30 PM Great Vespers.


Aug 6th

6:30 PM Divine Liturgy. Blessing of first-fruits.

Transfiguration of our Lord. Solemn Feast.


Aug 9th

8:30 AM Confessions.

9: 10 AM Prayers.

9: 30 AM Divine Liturgy.

11th Sunday after Pentecost. Holy Apostle Matthias. Tone 2.

For Confession, please come half an hour before the scheduled services, or schedule an appointment.

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2 Responses to Bulletin for August 2, 2015


    It pains me to see so many in the category of “sick”. But there is the eternal healing which comes to us… I send my blessing…. fr randall wasyl
    I will be 84 on the 9th, which will be a Sunday as it was the year I was born.. A surprise for me to be here and serving as I can..

    • Fr. Randall, Happy 84th birthday, a bit belatedly. May God grant you many years! I’m trying to update and check the page more regularly, and if I can figure out what I’m doing, I hope to post homilies as well as bulletins soon.

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