Bulletin for May 25, 2014

St. Philip the Apostle Byzantine (Ruthenian) Catholic Church

3866  65th street

Sacramento, CA 95820


Phone: (916) 452-1888                                                                                      E-mail: feromurin@hotmail.com

http://www.stphilipofsacramento.com                             Mobile: (916) 539-1534


O Holy Apostle Philip,

Intercede with the merciful God

That he may grant our souls forgiveness of sins.



Christ is Risen! Indeed He is Risen!  +  Christos Voskres!  Voistinu Voskres!

From the Fathers of the Church …

St. Ambrose of Milan

When nature is defective the Creator, who is the author of nature, has the power to restore it. This is why Jesus also said, As long as I am in the world, I am the light of the world, meaning: all who are blind are able to see, so long as I am the light they are looking for. Come, then, and receive the light, so that you may be able to see.

What is he trying to tell us, he who brought human beings back to life, who restored them to health by a word of command, who said to a corpse, Come out! and Lazarus came out from the tomb; who said to a paralytic, Arise and pick up your stretcher, and the sick man rose and picked up the very bed on which he used to be carried as a helpless cripple? Again, I ask you, what is he trying to convey to us by spitting on the ground, mixing his spittle with clay and putting it on the eyes of a blind man, saying: Go and wash yourself in the pool of Siloam (name that means “sent’)? What is the meaning of the Lord’s action in this? Surely one of great significance, since the person whom Jesus touches receives more than just his sight.

In one instant we see both the power of his divinity and the strength of his holiness. As the divine light, he touched this man and enlightened him; as priest, by an action symbolizing baptism he wrought in him his work of redemption. The only reason for his mixing clay with the spittle and smearing it on the eyes of the blind man was to remind you that he who restored the man to health by anointing his eyes with clay is the very one who fashioned the first man out of clay, and that this clay that is out flesh can receive the light of eternal life through the sacrament of baptism.

You, too, should come to Siloam, that is, to him who was sent by the Father (as he says in the gospel, My teaching is not my own, it comes from him who sent me). Let Christ wash you and you will then see. Come and be baptized, it is time; come quickly, and you too will be able to say, I went and washed; you will be able to say, I was blind, and now I can see, and as the blind man said when his eyes began to receive the light, The night is almost over and the day is at hand.


  • Last Sunday, 63 souls came to pray at St. Philip’s. Our tithes to the Lord were $___, contributions to the Bishop’s Appeal $__. Thank you for your generosity in giving to your church.
  • Prayer requests. Krissy, Oceana, Gary and Ingrid, Tom, Margaret and Don, Walter, Margaret, Becky, Alexis, Agatha, Michael, Curtis, Joseph, Theresa, Emily, Ronald, Janet, Rosanne, Connie, Michael, George, Jacqueline, Alexandra.
  • Hospitality sign-up sheet: Jun 1 – open, Jun 8 – open, Jun 15– open, Jun 22 – Murin family. Please sign up for hospitality for the upcoming Sundays; the list is in the parish hall. Thank you to Baker family for providing hospitality for us last Sunday!
  • Bishop’s Appeal 2014. To this date, 18 households have responded to Bishop’s Appeal 2014, with total contributions of $3,488. Thank you for your generosity, may God bless you and provide for all your needs in return. The Appeal ends on May 31st. The goal for our parish is $4,000.
  • MYRRH-BEARERS RETREAT June 27-29. A retreat organized by our Eparchy, for girls, young women and women. This Retreatwill be held in San Luis Obispo at the Rancho El Chorro Outdoor School. See the brochures on the Greeting Table in church.
  • Alive in Christ Retreat Camp for Boys and their Fathers. What could be better than a long weekend of prayer, sports, spiritual talks, games and skits in the beautiful Rocky Mountains of Colorado? The “Alive in Christ” ascetical boot camp for Byzantine Catholic boys and their fathers will be held this year July 24-27th at “Snow Mountain Ranch,” west of Denver, CO. Boys and young men 7-17 will join bishop Gerald in this decade long tradition, and return enlivened and enlightened. (Boys 7-10 are required to he a male guardian with them.) For more information and application materials contact your pastor, or visit www.holyprotection.org. Application deadline is June 16th.

Liturgical schedule

Wed May 28th 5:30 PM Great Vespers.  
Thu May 29th 5:30 PM Divine Liturgy. Ascension of Our Lord.Holy day of obligation.
Sun Jun 1st 9:00 AM Confessions.

9:40 AM Prayers.

10:00 AM Divine Liturgy.

Sunday of the Fathers of the First Ecumenical Council.

For Confession, please come half an hour earlier to scheduled services, or schedule an appointment.

Fridays in general are days of penance and abstinence from meat foods. Let us remember one another as we offer prayers and sacrifices to God.

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